Path to Sausage Domination

No lofty roadmaps like those other NFTs! Everything here will happen.

... assuming anybody actually mints my sausages.

Tweet of SausagePartyNFT Twitter

6.9% (690 sausages minted)

I'll send a celebratory tweet

on the SausagePartyClub twitter account

that includes a picture of my sausage

20% (2,000 sausages minted)

You get to be a belly beta tester!

All sausage holders will get guaranteed airdrop(s)

when the NFT project launches, and you'll

get to help us test to make sure everything works.

40% (4,000 sausages minted)

First chance at future NFTs!

We have many projects planned for our

NFToyz empire, and Sausage Holders will

get first chance at future mints!

60% (6,000 sausages minted)

I'll finally get my wife a puppy.

She says I can't make a DAO to name the puppy tho.


Unknown Sausage

69% (6,900 sausages minted)

My wife will finally get to become a sausage holder.

I will make Allison her own custom sausage.

I promise she's dreamed of this all her life.

80% (8,000 sausages minted)

Guaranteed airdrops of future NFTs

We have lots of future NFToyz projects planned,

so at this milestone all Sausage Holders will receive

at least one airdrop from an upcoming project

(and possibly more!)

100% (10,000 sausages minted)

CryptoOx giveaway

If this project is fully minted (!!!) we will randomly select

one Sausage Holder to receive CryptoOx #6.

See all 8 CryptoOx in our gallery.